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At HM Youth Foundation we offer enrichment programs that focus on instilling strong Africentric values of leadership and Black excellence for youth age 10-18. We provide a nurturing inclusive environment that allows the development of skills needed to become prominent leaders of tomorrow.

Black Social Work university students and volunteers contribute to the youth programming at HM Youth Foundation. We celebrate youth by instilling strong values of leadership and providing an inclusive space for them to talk about issues, learn new skills and expand their mind while meeting new and interesting individuals.


Student and Family Advocates support Black students (10-18) and their families as they navigate the education system. Launched At HM Youth Foundation in May 2021, this initiative runs all year long and addresses disparities in educational outcomes due to systemic and structural barriers. Working from anti-Black racism, anti-oppression and cultural-safety lenses, the program promotes responsive education systems, positive student outcomes and increased student belonging.

  • Deliver services in the Region of Peel for students ages 10-18 and the in Region of Halton for students ages 10-23

  • Create a safe space for Black students and their families' voices to be heard

  • Provide culturally responsive support to help Black students and their families develop solutions to meet their needs

  • Develop and offer wrap-around services to students identified to be at risk of not completing high school, and those involved with child welfare and the justice system

  • Provide leadership, advice and support to schools on anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination

HM Youth Foundation is looking for funding opportunities to expand the Foundation and programming.

Contact Heather at 647 280-1183 or email

“The Student Family Advocate program helped me receive support with a school situation  where I was racially targeted and my teacher didn’t understand what I was going through. I was matched up with a Student Family Advocate who understood my issues of racism being Black herself, listened and asked me what I needed. She helped me in speaking with my school and the girls that were bothering me. The program also connected me to other students going through similar situations where the SFA helped us with healing from our experiences.  I am so thankful for this program.”


Should you wish to receive your services in French please contact Early Childhood Development Initiative (ECDI) at 416-357-7211 or

Voulez-vous recevoir votre service en français?  Vous pouvez envoyer votre demande auprès de ECDI-Early Childhood Development Initiative, en  composant le 416-357-7211 ou envoyer un courriel à Merci



HM Youth Foundation empowers by creating a safe space where they learn life and living skills, emotional regulation, mental wellness and self care through an Africentric, anti-oppressive lens. Come experience it for yourself today!

Register for our next session now at 647 280-1183 or email

“My identities and culture came together in a positive way. I felt safe and am so thankful for the Black Students for Success program."


Computer Learning


Since 2021, we have contributed to the development of youth in the GTA area through our range of programs. Our youth table talks are centred on instilling strong values into our Black youth centering around hot topics of the day. We provide a space for them to expand their mind within Africentric values while meeting new and interesting individuals.

To Register for our next session please email your contact information to: or contact us at 647 280-1183

Funded by the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services

“The Youth Table Talk program helped me talk about topics and issues related to me. I felt heard and that what we had to say mattered.


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