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Making a Difference One Child at a Time

Heather Thomas is a Registered Social Worker, Student Family Advocate, Equity Coach & Consultant.

Desiree Phillips is a registered Psychotherapist, Facilitator and Equity Consultant. These exceptional leaders work for HM Youth Foundation. They deliver Equity core training to schools, Boards, Superintendents and Trustees in the Peel & Halton Regions. In addition, they offer organizational change processes customized to the needs of clients, their staff and the community they serve.

Together, Heather and Desiree combine expertise in training, coaching and consulting on a fee for service basis, and will design and deliver various training and consultation for numerous organizations across a wide range of sectors.

As an Equity Trainer, Heather & Desiree facilitate sessions for staff at all levels including executives, managers, educators, social workers, administrative and support staff. They have worked alongside various experts in the fields of education, mental health and child welfare to create curriculum exploring various aspects of power, privilege and oppression.

In addition, Heather Thomas will provide executive coaching helping you and your staff achieve transformational leadership and change, learn adequate skills and resources and ensure sustainable equity policies and hiring practices are in place. See Heather Thomas' Bio under the "Our Speakers" page.

For more information and pricing contact Heather at:

P. 647 280-1183

If you have questions, would like to schedule a consultation or inquire about fees and packages, please contact us at: and we will be in touch within 24 hours or as soon as possible.  

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