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Kaitlyn Georger is a graduate of Brock University’s Honours Bachelor of Business Administration program, where she concentrated in Accounting. 

Kaitlyn has worked in the Cleantech space as a Senior Accountant for the past several years, while serving the non-profit and Black community as Accountant at HM Youth Foundation. Through her work and participating in a variety of Anti Black racism and equity training sessions, Kaitlyn says her biggest accomplishment to date has been learning about oppression and the privilege she holds as a White woman and how to combat racism. "I am proud to become an Ally and Co-conspirator and disrupt in spaces where someone is saying or doing something oppressive." Congratulations to Kaitlyn Georger on achieving her CPA designation.

In her pastime Kaitlyn enjoys cooking and playing guitar.

HM Youth Foundation Treasurer: In the Press
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